Indulis Svagers-Griezis

I’m a self-trained digital media specialist with 10 year experience in the field.

The following are the fields I had opportunity to work in professionally:

  • photo special effects
  • ad design and animation
  • video editing and special effects
  • 3d modelling
  • web design and programming
  • electronic engineering
  • data analytics

The first two years I spent developing visual materials, yet I wouldn’t call myself an artist. I’ve always felt the functionality pulled me deeper than the design. In a very short time I’ve packed myself with the web programming tools.

Instead of staying in the realms of the web, I surfed around the field until the electronics hit me in the face and opened an unexpected new chapter called ‘the power of understanding environment’ in my career.

My interests have multiplied for several years and finally reached these fields:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Psychology
  • Particle physics and Astronomy
  • Chemistry and Biology
  • Music and Wave theory

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